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Chuck helped me and my daughter in a very unpleasant situation over a car. I was glad I had an attorney who was familiar with the court system. He has been doing this for over thirty years and I was happy that I benefitted from his experience . Nancy H.

Chuck helped us in our township when Solicitor Turturice told us the Township was not responsible and there was nothing they would do to help us. We felt they were taking advantage of us and our properties continued to be flooded. He was telling us this for six (6) years. Chuck took the case and we won. He believed in our case and he knew the law. Grateful resident

Chuck helped me get back my grandkids when CYS was going to adopt them out to a foster parent. We were in court it seemd like every other month trying to get visits with them. After almost a year the foster parents didn't go forward because of a case Chuck had found that was just decided by the Superior Court. I was glad to have him by my side and to know he watched the law cases. Marilynn R.

I think Chuck has the ability, experience, and temperament needed to sit on the bench. He represented me in a landlord tenant matter concerning attorney fees for the lawsuit. Judge DiSalle said I wasn't entitled to attorney fees and Chuck said the Judge was wrong and kept his cool even though the Judge was wrong. We appealed it to the Superior Court and they said in fact the Judge was wrong and reversed his decision. Chuck understood the law better than the Judge. I think he brings competency, compassion and integrity to the bench when other Judges just can't figure it out. A victorious and happy landlord


I had a friend who hired Chuck to represent him so that he would be able to see his child on Christmas morning. This was one of Chuck's first cases when he had just started practicing law. The Judge said no and Chuck said the Judge was wrong. My friend appealed it to a higher court and the court said that parents should alternate holidays. This started the idea of alternating Holidays with children. In that case my friend told me Chuck was bright, hard working, and a zealous advocate for his rights. Obviously he possessed the legal ability, experience, integrity and tempermanent to overturn a sitting Judge and get my friend his daughter on Christmas morning. Why couldn't the Judge see that was only fair? We all get that benefit now thanks to Chuck. A thankful parent.

Chuck represented me in a divorce. My spouse was trying to get one-half of the house I had before we got married. During the marriage we had accumulated a lot of debt. The other side would not agree and took the matter to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. The other side would not give up and when it was over my spouse had to pay me one-half of the debt we had accumulated. Some people call Chuck arrogant. I think that means being sure of himself and knowing the law. Everything he said would happened did happen all the way to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. I am glad he was my attorney and would recommend him to anyone. Happily Divorced. \

Chuck, I have noticed all the endorsements that Costanza and Lucas are saying that they have. My question is a simple one. I am a member of the Wash-Greene labor council and never was informed of a membership meeting or an officers meeting that was being held to endorse candidates. I spoke with other friends in the other labor unions and found out they never attended any meetings either. How are they allowed to do something like this? This is not Democracy in my book and makes me wonder about these labor unions after what Obama did with the unions. Concerned member.

Whether a candidate is in favor of abortion or Pro-Life is important to me. I see that you were one of the three that were endorsed by Life-Pac a pro-life organization. I presume that Costanza and Lucas are in favor of abortion since they were not endorsed or middle of the road in killing babies. I hope the trial of the abortion doctor convicted of murdering babies creates an awareness of what is going on and how serious the problem has become. Good luck to the three of you. I am glad that you alone came forward to address the issue of Pro-Life. It makes my decision easier as to who gets my vote. Concerned Pro-Life mother.

How can Costanza even hope to convince people that she adjudicated 50,000 cases in 14 years as a magistrate. What baloney. Adjudicated means has had hearings. At that rate she would have time to have one hearing every two hours, eight hours a day, five days a week, four weeks a month, twelve months a year for fourteen years. That is without vacations holidays and her being in the office every day and every hour. I have been at her office many times that she was not there and couldn't ask a question. She is obviously counting every paper filed in her office which includes every traffic ticket whether it goes to a hearing or not. She definitely does not handle custody, divorce or support cases which the new judge will have to handle. Does she think we are all dumb? Concerned Cecil math expert.

Chuck, I think you need to lighten up on the courthouse. You are coming off too negative. People just want to hear all the good things that are going on in the court house. Unfortunately, they would not rather deal with knowing about the dirt in the court house and trying to change things. I think when you tell the truth about the Judges, the lawyers get upset because you call too much attention to their profession and we see another side of these lawyers that they don't want us to see. Your credentials are far above the rest with the judges you have corrected and reversed. The amount of cases you have that are listed in the computers shows me the people really trust your abilities. I haver never needed an attorney but I know who I would call so I could get a fair shake. This is just my opinion for what its worth. Don't give up because we do need a change as you have said for years. Concerned about the Crisis in the Courthouse.

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