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For immediate release 01-24-11:

I am announcing my candidacy for Judge of the Court of Common Pleas desiring to bring a sense of integrity, experience, knowledge, commonsense and consistency to the Judiciary after serving this county over thirty years as a multifaceted lawyer. My verified cases are larger than any other candidate which clearly establishes my experience and the fact I will not need on-the-job training. I am presently the President of the Washington County Bar Association Family Division, on the Board of Directors for Habitat for Humanity, and represent several social and non-profit organizations. I have received awards from the Washington County Bar Association for my work in their pro-bono service program. I have served as a Master in Eminent Domain appointed by ex President Judge Thomas D. Gladden and also serve on the Washington County Arbitration Board.

I represent placing a life-long resident of Washington County on the bench who has served Washington County for over thirty (30) years; who has argued cases before the State Superior and Supreme Court and has created law in Pennsylvania; and who has handled practically every type of criminal and civil case which comes before the court. I have been a member of the Washington County Bar over thirty (30) years and come from a hardworking steelworker and coal mining family without blemish of criminal prosecutions.

I represent the importance of temperament, understanding and providing a level playing field for all lawyers and litigants coming before the court instead of punishing the entire bar association for a disagreement with one lawyer. I practiced law under Judges Gladden, Gilmore, Rodgers, Terputac, Mascara and Bell. Their legacy was the groundwork for my formal training.

Right now family matters makeup the bulk of county litigation through custody, support, and divorce filings. They are also the biggest expense for the court and largest source of revenue to pay for court expenses.

I represent having family motions on a daily basis since family emergencies and family custody and divorce crisis don‘t occur with timed regularity. Family motions need to be available daily and hearings need to be immediate like the days of Judge Mascara and making decisions within a reasonable time instead of lingering cases that go on it seems forever. The importance of family touches each one of us and goes to the very thread that binds our society together. Its importance should not be ignored.

I am a candidate who is not part of machine backroom politics which politically polarizes and further alienates the common man from a controlling government which forces its wishes down our throats. The people spoke in the last election of their dislike of the politics of government and proselytizing the wishes of the people to theirs. No one can remember when a Judge in Washington County was sworn into office in a private closed ceremony. We need to take back the Court House.

If you agree our Judiciary needs such an addition I invite you to join and support my campaign and take the Judiciary back from the merchants of politics. What the establishment is doing is disheartening, discouraging, and disgusting. The merchants of politics have insulted every law abiding citizen in Washington County. They have caused collateral damage to every lawyer and litigant coming before the court. It is no secret that I have always run against the establishment and the influential in politics and they have done their best to stop me. I will not give up in bringing the Court House back to the people.

Charles E. Kurowski, Esquire

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